Generation Biggest Tobacco Mutant Collection

    Recently, the major projects of tobacco genome project "tobacco mutant population creation, screening and analysis" make breakthrough progress, creating the most tobacco mutant by far around the world for functional genome research and tobacco breeding.

    So far, the team has created more than 270000 mutation lines and 194000 mutant seeds. The artificial mutation resource is near from saturation with abundant variable traits.

    The team mastered several methods for rapid and high-throughput screening high yield, resistant to diseases and insects, nicotine synthesis mutants, and so on. a preliminary obtain 219 EMS induced mutants with mutant site information, 1257 activation tag mutants with flanking sequence information, 608 related traits phenotype. Meanwhile, seed long-term cryopreservation and digital code identification system have been created.

    The project is been carried out by tobacco research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences in cooperation with other 10 research institutes.

Figure. Phenotypes observed in the mutant population.